Play to our strengths

means a bit of rearrangement.

With Tom Hudlestone coming back after his five month lay-off and fitting straight in on his return against Stoke, he has to play. Now Modric has had an excellent season and is an automatic.

Now in a midfield two that creates problems, it’s not through lack of effort, Modric especially does a lot of the hard yards in there it’s mainly because so many teams play a central three and so Spurs are out-manned in the middle. Now with the performances of Sandro since the first leg of the AC Milan tie, he’s the perfect foil to sit behind that pair, mopping up.

So is a change to the 4-3-3, 4-5-1 called for, well you look at Chelski and their use of the former and there’s a serious lack of width. Don’t know if the fullbacks available are good enough to create that width, Corluka can deliver a decent ball but so slow, BAE, well you wouldn’t want to put your life on him and do you want him haring back all of a panic? Also with the right side of the front three, Lennon or van der Vaart? The latter has dropped off a bit this year, though looked a bit sparkier against Stoke, former well, if he can get over his “sore throat” 😉 with the right service he can do what he did to Milan. Four five one and the front man can get isolated and our strikers are better in a pair.

Spurs 3-5-2 formation
Spurs all out attacking 3-5-2 formation.

So if it’s playing to your strengths then it’s going with as much attacking options as possible, which means all of the above on the field.

Attack the best form of defence. Don’t let their fullbacks have a great game in attack, don’t give them opportunity to attack, keep them occupied in their end of the park, with out and out wingers. So that means a back the much maligned three man back four. Now with Kaboul back we’ve got four fit centre-backs, why not use them – only problem being they haven’t played that way.

Won’t get out-manned in the centre of the field, still got width, still two up front and all the best attacking options on the pitch, is it the way to go for the rest of the season?

Oh and tonight, everyone knows Spurs are going to win and win handsomely – 5-1 and go out on away goal.

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