Not quite a game of hockey

but a ding dong battle of a derby.

That leaves neither side the happier. Yes we’ve taken 4 points off the scum, deprived them of the points that would have kept their title dreams alive but they’ve put the boot into our top four chances.

But then you watch the way they trudged off the park and the pathetic attempt at a handshake from Whinger after Spurs yet again came from two goals down to deprive them of the three points, it makes not catching up on Citeh a bit better.

Things started off poorly as again Spurs were out-manned in the middle of the park, four minutes in Huddlestones touch let him down and Bale made little effort in tackling, Gallas and Dawson had both sold themselves while Assou-Ekotto hadn’t been watching “The Full Monty” leaving Walnutt on side, to slide the ball past the somewhat dithering Gomes.

Wasn’t sure about about ‘Arry’s team selection before hand, felt this needed Sandro, with them playing a middle three, even if Spurs went 4-4-2, his work rate was required. The other thing was benching Lennon, maybe it should have been the recently struggling and at times anonymous van der Vaart that should have made way. A couple of minutes later one of us was proved wrong. A great ball from Corluka, who had earlier made a nice run forward a put in a decent cross, and van der Vaart slams in the equaliser. The Dutchman really looked up for it last night, was this his best performance in 2011?

But the main problem was the centre of the park, they always had an out ball, where Modric and Huddlestone struggled. The former did all he could, the latter had his own struggles, was just off the pace and his passing was well off. More often than not the ball just was passed back and then aimlessly pumped forward to either Bale or Crouch. Or rather in the direction of Bale, he never really had any decent service from the long stuff. Crouch got on the end of those his way but did nothing with them.

The lack of numbers allowed Nasri to then have a free shot from just outside the D, which went in near the middle of the goal. It was almost like the Madrid game, kept giving the ball away and being punished by stupid mistakes and gifting them the goals. It nearly happened again when Walnutt could have increased the lead. While Modric, who had been kicked all over the park could have equalised.

But then came another gift wrapped goal. From a throw, Sagna crosses past the poncing Bale and Gallas… well god knows what he was trying to do, Gomes makes a great initial save from van Pervert but is left helpless for the scum’s third.

Just before the break Bale is taken out, yet again though this time fairly, while he was off the park receiving treatment the resulting throw eventually found it’s way to Huddlestone and what followed was another thudd from Hudd. Perfect time to get one back, just before half-time. Was teh first decent ball he’d played until that point.

It could have, should have been another back when Modric was armed off the ball in the penalty area. Don’t know when they changed the rules for the Scottish Fob as Hansen calls it but it’s never been legal no matter what he says.

Changes made at half-time, Bale didn’t return for the second 45, Lennon coming on in his stead and Kaboul replaced Corluka. The only thing is ‘Arry has developed this desire for Lennon to ply his trade down the left rather than the right. It doesn’t really work when you have someone like Crouch waiting for crosses and defenders know Lennon is going to come inside on his right.

Second half they were back at it hacking Modric down at every chance. But Spurs looked better in the second half, sharper, better passing especially from Huddlestone, that goal did him the world of good. Lucky with a van Pervert offside and that they were up to their usual dithering, you shoot, no you shoot, no you.

Then Assou-Ekotto – who after his initial mistake was having an outstanding game, are you watching Hansen? One early run in particular kept you asking why he didn’t do that more – played a glorious ball through the channel to Lennon who hared into the box to be brought down by the ‘keeper. Even the ref couldn’t ignore this one though he did card the player.

Penalty, on the one hand a great chance to equalise on the other how many have Spurs missed this season? This time though van der Vaart didn’t miss this one.

Sandro came on for the ineffectual, especially second half, Pavlyuchenko and certainly stiffened up the midfield. This really does look the best option if somehow it can be worked of Sandro behind Huddlestone and Modric in a middle three. What with Chelsea and ManUre up who will cram the centre of the park, if Bale is missing from those games it could be the way to go and fit in all the players.

Of course Sandro wasn’t perfect giving the ball away once and adding to a very nervy last few minutes, Gallas again after a shaky first half was powering his way though the second, one minute looking like he’ll have to come off with injury the next storming away after nicking the ball off a scumbag’s toe. Then Gomes is making saves, doing the usual making you ask why can you do that and bugger it up at other times. Saying that though I just thought we’d nick it there, oh Modric, ahh Sandro just finish it off.

Cracking game, just the result that was wrong and unlike them lot we’ve still got a chance…

Tottenham Hotspur 3 – 3 Woolwich Wanderers

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