More Maggie Björklund and her mastery of

Maggie Björklund - Intertwined - Maggie Björklund - pedal steel, vocals, Mark Lanegan - vocals, John Convertino - drums, Barb Hunter - cello, Barrett Martin - bass, Rusty Willoughby - guitar

the dark art of the pedal steel.

Here’s the rest of the videos I mention in the previous Maggie Björklund post.

In these she is joined by the likes of Mark Lanegan – his Bubblegum is still one of the great albums – and Jon Auer. Rachel is in there on backing vocals as well.

You can also download an MP3 of “Intertwined” (with Mark Lanegan) from Maggie’s record label site Bloodshot Records’ page for her new solo album “Coming Home“.

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