Should the suicidal ‘Arry be kept away from

the transfer kitty this summer.

What little there is by the sound of ‘Arry’s latest media outpouring.

The ironies of ironies, we wanted change, change back to the good old days when we did things the good olde English way, that is without a “director of football”, where the manager picked the players he wanted.

But now I’m almost beginning to dread what ‘Arry will do during the summer.

Forget all the fancy names mentioned especially during January, you know those last minute lowball bids that just didn’t quite come off. No it’s the usual suspects that ‘Arry’s talked about in glowing terms that are always mentioned, especially those from a former club of his that are heading down at the end of the season.

After all if we can’t offer Champions League next season where do we look for new blood other than players desperate to stay in the Premier League. It’s a depressing thought.

WindyCOYS tweeted ‘Arry’s signings ranking them hits, misses…!/WindyCOYS/status/68260885252149248

…and maybes….!/WindyCOYS/status/68260966831374337

Pointing out that the two hits – Sandro and van der Vaart – were probably very little to do with ‘Arry at all.

You can just see a grinning ‘Arry coming back from the market with Scott Parker, Matthew Upson, Carlton Cole and Rob Green, the footballing equivalent of “magic beans”.

How much will be spent on them? Hell of a lot more than they’re worth. And are they bench warmers or first picks? Parker for Sandro? Dear god. Quite frankly with the way the season has panned out Sandro would be my second choice for Spurs’ player of the season, behind Modric of course and just ahead of Bale. Upson and Green, haven’t we suffered enough from calamity clowns like these? But we’ll need them if Gomes is a gonna which certainly looks the case and I don’t know how long Gallas has got at the club after he contradicted ‘Arry in the press…

We have played some fantastic football, last eight of the Champions League and been scrapping for that top-four spot all year. That wasn’t happening a few years ago so it’s been a great season. ‘Arry Redknapp

Even if people say, You had a great season, I don’t think so. William Gallas

…’Arry doesn’t like being contradicted and those that go against him or he takes against tend to be out in the cold.

Oh and then the prodigal will return, how on earth did ‘Arry ever let Joe Cole slip through his fingers. I just see him returning south while Lennon heads north. Certainly not a like for like swap. Lennon’s last few games have the appearance of a shop window job.

Then there’s the strikers and of course can we have a window go by without the return of someone we sold not that long ago? OK I know it didn’t happen this last window. But much chatter of Berbatov slinking back with his tail between his legs. Much chatter about his 21 league goals this season, his best tally by far in the Prem, what is left out is that 11 of those came in 3 games – hat-tricks against Liverpool and Birmingham and 5 against Blackburn – interspersed by weeks of not scoring, or indeed not playing. He wasn’t exactly a 20 league goals a season player for us before either.

As much as I loved Berba when he was at the club I really don’t want to see him back and it’s not just the scummy way he left and left us in the lurch it’s the price. Anything that involves Modric heading in the opposite direction is far too great a price to pay.

But of course we’ll have Charlie Adam as a ready made replacement 🙄

Then there’s Adebayor, a scumbag of a player, who will use any club he can. If he was that good neither Citeh or the Woolwich Wanderers or indeed Madrid would have offloaded so easily. League form he’s had one really good season, ’07-’08, with 26 goals.

Are any of the above going to help us back into the Champions League? Then there’s Comolli up at Liverpool buying Carroll and Suarez who would have fitted in perfectly, don’t we love irony, but then as ‘Arry says the kitty wouldn’t cover such an outlay.

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