The returning heroes were greeted with a


That looked to be pretty much the feeling about the England side facing Sri Lank in Cardiff in the first test of the summer.

Here was a large section of the bunch who won the Ashes in Australia for the first time in how long and was anybody that interested. Bung the first test out in Welsh Wales with some typical weather for that area during an outdoor sporting encounter and it really did seem to create nothing but indifference.

And the match was heading in the same direction. Typical England bowling, oh wow Anderson managed to actually bowl well in conditions that are ripe for him but then from all of the fast bowlers it was the usual quote we’ve heard for decades now too short. So where Sri Lanka shouldn’t have reached about 250 they got 400.

Then to England’s batting, Cook carrying on where he left off, Trott carrying on where he left off. How long have England needed batsmen that don’t give away their wicket far too easily and can just accumulate runs? So then Pietersen carried on where he left off. Oh he’s got no problem with left-handed spinners. The toss up a dolly, he gets out… no problem. By keep repeating that he has no problem he will continue to have the problem and many will continue in the joy off saying he has a problem. Like a drunk until he admits he has a problem he’ll never sort it out. I mean they don’t get him out, he does it to himself because he can’t admit what’s going on. It’s the way I play.

Then we have a dead pitch, dead bowling from a Murili, Vass, Malinga less Sri Lankan side, two tons already on the board, no pressure, it can mean only one thing. Prime time for Ian Bell.

So yesterday with rain again delaying the start of play it looked as if the game was going to peter out to a fitting drab end. A draw.

But somehow Sri Lanka managed to out England the home side. Not the greatest side to visit these shores but still one hell of a result from England.

Now just watch the tourist lift themselves for Friday at Lords?

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