It’s just typical Spurs this

we can’t even laugh it up at the Woolwich scum’s troubles.

They get completely annihilated at Old Trafford – 8-2 makes our 3-0 capitulation look a touch better – they’re 17th in the league with one point from 3 games, during which they’ve conceded 10 goals and we have to go and outdo ’em.

Plumb bottom, two games no points and only a one goal better goal difference. Bleeding typical.

It somehow felt like yesterday’s game was the start of the season – what effect did the Everton call off have, I mean they start poorly, were done by QPR and should have lost to Blackburn, 3 points straight off can change things for the better, that’s of course if we had got ’em – a weekend game, in sunshine. Well last season started with a home game against Citeh where Spurs stuffed them, destroyed them, played them off the park and they walked away with a point and a clean sheet. It was a portent of things to come in the league, god help us if history is to be repeated.

The signs weren’t good from the off, while one side was filled with very expensive recruits from the four corners ‘Arry decided to put out those that the club either want out the door or one that wants to leave but the club won’t sell, in a team selection that looked like giving up before anything started.

Against an attacking front foursome of Dzeko, Aguero, Silve and Nasri, ‘Arry had his hands tied somewhat with injuries but still figured, with other options, it would be best to go with a central midfield pair of Modric and Kranjcar. The outcome wasn’t exactly a shock. Even though Citeh looked to be a 4-4-2 they still out-manned and overran Spurs with ease. Now we all know Kranjcar isn’t going to be doing too much defensive work, while Modric just back from injury and with the wrong head couldn’t cover for the both of them, you have to wonder what ‘Arry was thinking? A prod to the chairman to sign someone? Someone ‘Arry loves of course.

To add to this ‘Arry chose to go up front with Crouch. Obviously hoping that with a continental manager and all these foreign types on the pitch they wouldn’t know how to handle long balls being lumped up to the big fella for him to knock down to the little fella. Caution: Tactical Genius At Work.

It could have worked, there was two great chances created in the opening minutes then Citeh woke up and took over. But much like ManUre on Monday they barely got out of first and they didn’t have to, that’s the worse part of it. Finishes made easier by the build up play from wide that put the ball right there for Dzeko to finish it off with a couple of tap ins and a nice header. All slack defending letting the crosser get into the position, letting the cross in and letting Dzeko freeish reign of the box. His fourth had a general air of giving up well before he curled it past Friedel.

All in reality goals Spurs could score with ease through build up play by the likes of Modric, van der Vaart, Bale and Lennon, if just they had someone who could finish things off.

Bale and Crouch had chances which they fluffed with ease. Bale was underused, nice one two with BAE in the opening seconds but then not seen for ages. Lennon overused and underperformed. Again he was hampered by the fullback ‘Arry chose. If only we had a BAE at right-back as well as left. When he gets the ball BAE’s first thought is forward at pace, whether by running or a crisp pass, OK sometimes it doesn’t come off, but Corluka’s first thought seems to be slow it up, look back and either pass back or play it so Lennon is stopped in his tracks. It needs someone inside, a triangle, playing from Corluka through the channel to the on running Lennon. It also needs Lennon to deliver better.

One amazing thing on the day was scoring from a set piece. Throughout the game the corners were generally inept, as they are most games. Dowd must have felt some pity for us allowing the goal to stand and not penalising Defoe for standing offside in front of Hart.

So to Modric, the booing when he was subbed that’ll help if he stays. Another classic bit of ‘Arry saying the Croat asked not to play before. Why tell everyone? Why wash your dirty laundry in public? Is it another broadside at the chairman? A call to Chelsea to say you’ve done most of the work just have to finish it off? Or is it to hear his voice on telly, while he complains about others making it an unbearable pre-season he keeps talking about the Modric situation instead of just stating nothing’s changed, next and then stating how much he loves one of a number of clapped out old bangers we’re linked with. Classic ‘Arry signings.

When Ronaldo threw a moody and wanted away from Utd. Fergie told him he was going nowhere and got the player to put in some great seasons before finally offloading on Utd’s terms. When Rooney chucked the toys out of the pram and demanded away Fergie got him to lead the club to the league title and the Champions League final. When Tevez did the same Mancini got the Argentinian to fight for a move away and lead Citeh to the top four. When Fabricarse whinged about being homesick Whinger got him to fanny about and win nowt for a couple of season…ok things fall down there.

But anyway it’s time for ‘Arry to show this famed man management skill that we are told by his apologists goes with his tactical acumen is up to snuff.

One of the most amazing stats going round at the mo is the stats of Juande Ramos’ 54 game stint at the club compared to ‘Arry’s last 54 games…

Ramos: P54 W21 D16 L17
Redknapp: P54 W22 D17 L15.

In a way it shouldn’t come as any surprise as what we’ve seen over those 54 games has looked relegation fodder rather than the greatest football we’ve ever seen as ‘Arry kept stating. Ramos also won something.

‘Arry’s got six more games to get more than 2 points or I image there’ll be t-shirts printed to remind him of his favourite mantra. Where will those points come from though? Wolves couldn’t score last season, still put 3 past us, they’re on the up this. Liverpool are playing with a confidence that the new signings have brought. Wigan, well might be a point if we’re lucky. The scum, ah by then Parker will be running the midfield and Adebayor should be well primed to stuff ’em.

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