Carlo Ancelotti’s wait for me


Some interesting quotes from the double winning Italian, currently on a gap year, with regards his desire to manage in England when he gets back into things.

I have a strong will to remain in England as for a coach this is the ideal country.

But I would only consider coaching top clubs, including Tottenham and Liverpool.

…In several months time an English coach will be appointed to replace Capello, which will free up a place in a club. Carlo Ancelotti

Well, I can’t see the Scouse getting rid of Dalglish any time soon and he did mention the current troubles at the Woolwich scum but he wouldn’t want to be at a side fighting relegation. No it’s that last part of the quote that’s very telling.

The F.A. will go after an Englishman for the job after another failed foreign experiment – because the last time they went local after a foreign boss worked so well didn’t it – but Carlo didn’t mention the likes of QPR, Sunderland, West Brom and Newcastle in that list of top clubs he’d only consider.

There isn’t exactly an abundance of English coaches that are screamingly obvious for the top job – Steve Bruce anyone?

So it’s ‘Arry ain’t it? Carlo figures it. ‘Arry’s figured it, we all have, he’s done his best to talk himself into it with his media chums. Of course the media want him, just think of all the quotes. Apparently the fans are crying out for him. Now remember the last time the media led a campaign for the people’s favourite? Stand up Mr Keggy Keegle. How did that work for you?

The only problem is… well… ‘Arry and his baggage and no I don’t mean those sagging bags under his eyes. A certain court case that’s just hanging there above his head. Whatever way the case goes, for or against, it’s something that the F.A. have traditionally shied away from, any hint of something not 100% kosher.

Now while I wouldn’t shed a tear if ‘Arry did depart from The Lane to be replaced by a proven winner, who doesn’t start telling everybody everything as soon as a microphone is stuck in front of him but chooses to meet questions with a raised eyebrow instead – yes I’ve not been backward in my desire for Ancelotti to come into Spurs. I don’t know if I could take Redknapp in the England job.

I can see it know, basically the Golden Generation back out with their zimmers. You know his first team sheet would have Beckham, Lampard, Gerrard and Parker in the midfield.

Dear god it’s frightening. Mainly because it could so easily become reality.

Another frightening thing about is he wouldn’t be any worse than the current clown in the England job. You know the one that watches Daniel Sturridge really look the part and doesn’t pick him. Ah yes Andy Carroll, struggled and is a first pick. Has Defoe in the squad when he’s not playing and of form but drops him when he’s playing ans scoring.

At least Fabio has got one thing right and that’s the omission of Ferdinand. He can’t get a game for ManUre so shouldn’t be in the squad.

Though I’d bet ‘Arry would have him in there.

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