Is Fergie that scared of Spurs

Howard Webb has to do his best for Citeh?

As soon as Balotelli stamped on Parker’s head you knew he would do something that would highlight Howard Webb’s ineptness in not showing the Italian striker a straight red.

Though to be fair to Howie he’d highlighted his intentions very early on. Six and a half minutes in when Clichy takes out Walker with a cynical challenge that involved in no way any attempt to play the ball, classic professional foul and an automatic yellow. Which would have meant ten minutes into the game the Citeh left-back would have received his marching orders when Webb finally did show him a yellow for, again, cynically attempting to stop play.

Then of course there was Lescott’s forearm smash on Kaboul. A straight red. That Webb missed before Balotelli’s Bambi on ice routine on Parker’s head. It was without doubt the best thing the Spurs’ player did all afternoon, in between, bar one headed clearance, another overly praised nothing performance that led to a poor performance from Spurs.

It was a very poor first half by Spurs, just didn’t seem to be up for what was a huge game. ‘Arry decided to pack the midfield with van der Vaart starting deeper than standard. Which of course led to all the Defoe fanboys screaming out about their bestfweind being isolated. Completely missing out on the fact that vdV was having to cover for the almost absent Modric and Parker. Also they scream about vdV dropping deep and leaving Adebayor isolated and yet the big African is in the games contributing far more than Defoe ever is. Defoe contributes nothing but does score but he also misses and when the big moment comes he’s found wanting more often than not. And it’s why this best English finisher around doesn’t have a career scoring record that matches up to the hype.

Yes he did well with the goal, hopeful punt up the park, one time Savic was really put any pressure and he laid it on a plate for Defoe to be one on one with Hart. It got Spurs back into the game after those two quick goals from Citeh, when they looked to running away with it and Spurs looked to be on the ropes. The opener was really soft, straight up the middle – hmm isn’t that where the defensive midfielder is meant to be shielding the centrebacks? Oh he’s wandering about over there – Kaboul suckered out and Walker exposed. Too easy. Then so was the second, and seemingly at the time game killer, Lescott is left to knock it in past a weak challenge by oh look.

The equaliser was a bit of class, after another fairly poor performance by Bale, Lennon cuts inside from the left and the Welshman curls a beauty over Hart. It’s the one time Bale being central has worked since the Norwich game. It’s no coincidence bar this his best moments where when he was wide left and delivered two great crosses. The first he curled it round Richards but only Lennon was in the box, where was Defoe? And secondly, the killer, in injury time it should have won the game for Spurs, it would have meant at least a draw as he skinned Lescott puts in a great cross and come the big moment Defoe fluffs his lines. Oh how Bale was getting the blame, should have passed it earlier, shouldn’t have been crossed so far in front of Defoe. Only problem being Defoe would have been there to meet it if he hadn’t slowed down.

Then the last few seconds of madness. Why Benny? Why Ledley? Spurs had gone defensive with Livermore and Pienaar introduced for vdV and Lennon. And had started playing for the draw. Why wouldn’t they? asked the commentator. Well what happened is the reason. Though if you are playing out time for the draw you take your time over everything, you let the ball run out for throws and take your time doing it. I don’t know why Assou-Ekooto rather than let the ball run out for a throw chose just to aimlessly hump it up the park – Benny didn’t have his best game, just looked off, think it had something to do with his last tweet before the game. It didn’t contain one LOL.

The ball comes straight back and Ledley in a moment he’ll regret more than anyone made a rash, last ditch, challenge on Balotelli. It was an easy pen to give because it was a legit one – what a surprise Webb got this one right. Can’t quite believe the criticism coming Ledley’s way one mistake over how many games. Ridiculous. Especially when it was compounded by the mistakes made by Webb that had such an effect on the outcome as Balotelli got up from the challenge and coolly slotted away the winning penalty.

It was a stamp, a deliberate one. Christ if Alan Hansen can figure it out then it’s a no-brainer. If you’re falling forward you shoot your leg out behind you as Balotelli ably demonstrated seconds after making contact with Parker’s head and moved his leg forward as he finally fell to the ground. Why always me?. Because you keep doing it. Simples.

As I said about Foy at Stoke, there four missed penalties and an incorrectly disallowed goal, missing one thing is human error, missing so many is something more it’s either incompetence of something far worse. With Webb over the years it’s a lot of incorrect decisions that have mounted up. Add to these the disallowed goal last week and it’s at least seven points denied by officials. Now if these decision do indeed even themselves out over a season then some team Spurs play will end up with four players, concede four penalties along with 6 offside goals. Can it be the goon scum please?

Why do our season defining games have to be away at Citeh these days…

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