RFU in correct decision shocker

stop the world.

After people ruled themselves in and people ruled themselves out the RFU finally got round to deciding Stuart Lancaster should be given the job full-time.

As I’ve posted about on here (probably in the related posts below) he should have been given the job after what happened in the 6 Nations. No they weren’t scintillating, yes they only came second when they won it under Johnson but Lancaster was starting at the right place and building.

Building for the future is what is required right now and he’s the right man to do it because the process has started and well he started it. Bringing in someone new, with a different outlook just wasn’t called for at this moment in time. Yes there are more experienced people out there but experience isn’t everything. And while Nick Mallett may have won 17 on a row with South Africa did it win a World Cup. Experience for experiences sake.

No Lancaster was really the only option, so much so that even an English sporting regulatory body couldn’t screw it up.

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