But ‘Arry can’t be sacked, he can’t even go

on gardening leave.

It’s what’s now required but it can’t happen because Levy wouldn’t receive anything from the F.A. for him.

Sack ‘Arry and he walks into the England job for nowt, as the F.A. are potless and wouldn’t have to pay W.B.A. any compo. Put ‘Arry on gardening leave and it gives the F.A. the upper-hand in any negotiations. Why should we pay you that when you don’t even want him?.

Either way I don’t think it would matter much the season has gone now, whoever was in charge. A new man may just give a bump for those last four games – remember when ‘Arry said they needed five wins from the last six – or he might actually give the players some idea of what they should be doing. Just fucking’ run around a bit still seems to be the order of the day.

Though of course over the last few games there’s been less of the running part.

Some say this is down to the players being tired. Personally I see this as just another excuse to go with the ‘Arry for England distracting them one. Especially when the same people complaining about lack of squad rotation also complain about the change in centreback partnerships because of Ledley. Yes I know partnerships in that position are important but make up your mind.

So any new man just preside over a damp squib of a squad that’s given up. Though if the rumours about a bust up between ‘Arry and Adebayor and the players backing their team-mate over their manager is true then maybe it would make all the difference.

Maybe we would see the life that the team showed some weeks back. It certainly wasn’t on show at Q.P.R. as they played into the home side’s hands. Slow build up at the back, well less build up and more fannying about, letting them get everyone behind the ball and playing Friedel into trouble.

Added to that the complete narrowing of the team with Bale not seen on the left until about an hour in. And then it was only a fleeting visit. I don’t know why I wanted him on the left more because it would make Spurs work better or to just shut up Chris Waddle as he kept repeating himself. Either way as you saw the empty swath of grass on the left flank I believe everyone was shouting for Bale to fill it. As it was that 60th minute produced a cross that was about as dangerous as anything that had gone on in the previous hour.

It was just hopeless in the face of another very limited relegation fodder side. It made the defeat even worse the fact I loathe Mark Hughes and desperately want to see him relegated along with Joey Barton.

So that about summed up the game. Except of course the goal. Well first off it wasn’t a foul by Sandro, perfectly good blocking tackle – another problem with refs these days they don’t know what is a tackle or a foul now. And up steps Taarabt, you knew he would score the only surprise was it wasn’t his first of the season. Now Friedel is getting all the blame, much like Cudicini did a week earlier in the cup semi. Ah he should have had a cap on because of the sun, well the sun had gone when the free-kick was taken. He was slow and looked 40 going down.

Of course missed out through all this was a certain individual was in the wall – just like a week earlier – jumped and ponced out of trying to make any sort of block on the ball – just like a week earlier. Twice in a week a player chickens out of making a block in the wall. Why is this being glossed over?

Then later in the match the very same player Ashley Young’d a tackle. In other words he was running towards a player the player sticks his leg out to make a challenge then withdraws it as Parker throws his leg out at an unnatural angle to catch the player and then throws himself dramatically to the floor. Ashley Young has been getting all kinds of stick for it recently, Gareth Bale got dogs abuse from Spurs fans for diving. Yet with Parker nothing, almost a media blackout.

And this leads to more stereotype managing from ‘Arry. Come half time with things not going well you just knew what was coming. Lennon for Sandro. I can see bringing Lennon on but Sandro was the only one making tackles out there, Parker didn’t make a single one in the whole game, nah the likes of Diakité were sauntering past him like he wasn’t there. And while the back four were playing each other and the ‘keeper into trouble, shouldn’t the water carrier have been there to relieve some pressure? Anyone see him? Nah, thought not.

I suppose the assembled media were to busy filling out his name in their team of the year – to go with his place in the PFA’s Premier League team of the year – to notice any of this.

Not long ago the question was third or the F.A. Cup, then fourth or the F.A. Cup now as Newcastle march into fourth it’s do you want Europa League next season and are we good enough to get it?

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