Roy can’t say no to the F.A. but

should he?

As soon as it was announced on Sunday night that the F.A. have made their approach to the man they want to take over as England boss the knives were out because that man was Roy Hodgson and not ‘Arry Redknapp.

Now I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place here. Spurs and England fan. Club versus country. Do I want the best man to take the England job – well best man of those available as Guus Hiddink is the best man for the job – or do I want ‘Arry out of Spurs with a load of compo for the club.

So yes I’d like Roy to get the job, should have been his many years ago. Thought he was the right man before Svennis took it, Hodgson with Peter Taylor as the number two with a view to the latter taking over was the best option back in 2000. But then he was the best option but a year earlier and we could have saved ourselves from the embarrassment of the last people’s choice, Keggy Keegle.

And there’s the rub people’s choice. For that read media’s choice and player’s choice in ‘Arry’s case.

The media love ‘Arry. We all know that if the F.A. had announced that his name and not Roy’s the first thing they wouldn’t have brought up is the current state of Portsmouth or the relegation of Southampton. But with Roy it’s straight into his stint at Blackburn – who were in the mire before he arrived, he saved them from the drop when he took over but they were a doomed side whoever was in charge. And most importantly than that to most of the media types his time at Liverpool.

Beloved of so many on TV, radio and in print. They don’t mention his record was about the same as their hero Dalglish after the latter took over and he hasn’t done much better with over a hundred million quid splash out. No they tell us he struggled with the star players and ask how he’ll manage with those in the England set up. Well, why should he have to bother with them? It’s the best opportunity to bin them, after all what have they actually achieved for England? Certainly haven’t won anything. If this is the chance to finally get rid of the likes of Gerrard, Lampard etc etc then the F.A. have finally got something right. I mean you just know that with ‘Arry in charge it would have been a middle four, right to left, of Beckham, Parker, Lampard and Gerrard. Dear god, have we been saved from that?

Roy talks too much, he’s a tactician not an arm around the shoulder go out there and run around a bit kind of manager. The players will get bored as he goes over the tactics. Well bin those players, if they’re that stupid that they can’t see if they listen there’s more chance they’ll overachieve like Fulham and West Brom, than fail like Liverpool if they don’t, then good riddance. Let’s not forget Sir Alf wasn’t exactly the chummy type now was he but then of course neither was Fabio but he’s a dolt.

Then we’re told Roy doesn’t like criticism of his methods because ‘Arry just loves that. Haven’t you heard over the last year or so? Every boo, every question posed, dear old ‘Arry laughs them off with a smile and a jaunty quip. Why just mention to him that he’s a wheeler dealer and see in what a jovial manner he reacts.

What the media wouldn’t have mention if Roy was overlooked for their man, was Roy’s extension work in foreign leagues and in international football. While they’d big up ‘Arry’s one F.A. Cup success and getting Spurs into the Champions League – once, any chance on twice? – they would have overlooked Roy’s seven titles and two cups in Sweden. One title and cup in Denmark. Taking Inter Milan – where he’s revered even though it was only one year – and Fulham to a European cup final – though of course the McClown managed that feat.

So from the very start if he takes the job – and why would he turn down something he wants badly – Roy is going into a loser. If the first game isn’t a blinding success the media will be all guns blazing and ‘Arry’s stock will be on the rise again. But if he’d let ‘Arry take it, Spurs would be rid, ‘Arry would Keggy Keegle it and we could all be ‘appy.

Because as the people’s choice ‘Arry is more Kevin Keegan than Brian Clough…

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