RIP Eric Sykes

'Sykes and A...' - 'Sykes and A Bath' (Series Three: 25th January 1961) - Eric Sykes (as Sykes), Hattie Jacques (Hattie Sykes) and Richard Wattis (Charles Brown).

it should have been Sir Eric.

Posted on here before and Tweeted numerous times about the national disgrace that Eric Sykes was never knighted, well old Lizzie can’t do it now as one of the last greats of British comedy that came out of the Second World War died yesterday (4th July 2012), aged 89.

Sykes started writing for TV as early as 1948, from then to 2012 he was either writing or acting on TV, radio or film or stage up until shortly before his death. That’s a career spanning eight decades. Eight.

During which he wrote with and for many of those other greats of his era, Frankie Howerd, Tommy Cooper, Spike Milligan, Tony Hancock and more.

Thanks to BBC’s lack of any foresight in 50s and 60s there are large numbers of his classic comedy of the 60s “Sykes and A…” missing, where Sykes plays Sykes who lives with his twin sister Hattie (Hattie Jacques) at 24 Sebastopol Terrace in East Acton. Luckily in the 70s many of the originals were remade in the series “Sykes”. With Sykes, Jacques, Richard Wattis as busybody neighbour Charles Brown and Deryck Guyler, as local plod “Corky” Turnbull, reprising their roles from the original.

Apparently from the film The Plank (video above) The plank itself was sold at auction on Monday 5 December 2011 for £1,050

Anyway, a great loss of a great British institution, who made people laugh…

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