Tim Bresnan don’t get no


Throughout the whole of this last Ashes test match the pundits told us Onions should have been picked instead of Tim Bresnan, TMS were single handedly trying to oust all the Yorkshire contingent.

With Stuart Broad’s six for 50 in the second innings and 11 wickets in the match it gave them all an easy out to not mention without Bresnan’s 45 in the second inning – a score that is one and a half times the total number of runs Onions, or Bunny as he is known, has scored in his entire test career – and the 96 runs added while he stayed in England wouldn’t have won the match.

That winning margin being 74 runs.

Than you add in the bowling. Lies, damn lies and statistics. Oh, Onions has a bundle in the County Championship, say the same people who state Root isn’t an opener because the County Championship means nothing. Funny hearing Sir Geoffrey – one of the biggest shouters for Onions – state he would leave Shane Warne out of any tour to India pure based on stats. He only goes by the numbers, they don’t lie.

Well we have two bowlers over the last three test matches – because Bres has only featured in them…

PlayerWicketsRuns ConceededAverageTop 4 wicketsTop 6 Wickets

Will Geoffrey and the rest that slag off Bresnan be calling for the world’s greatest bowler to be dropped. I mean the stats don’t lie do they?

Top four and top six wickets column are telling. That is, he gets the batsmen out not the tail. Though you could say that the Aussie tail is stronger than those actually picked to bat but, while Broad’s ball to get Clarke out was magnificent, Australia were cruising to the target until Bresnan got Warner out.

Not bad for a fat lad.

Jonathan Agnew certainly seems like he wants to see the back of Joe Root. Oh, he’s only got one score and he could have been out before racking up the 180. While oozing all over Bell with no mention that he was out numerous times before reaching three figures in all but this last Test. Or that Root went on and made more than 150 while Bell gave it up very shortly after achieving the ton on each occasion.

Dear god, do they want Compton back. Well he might not have got out to some of the balls Root has. The ball would have been in the ‘keeper’s gloves before his bat had come down, he’s to damn slow to nick ’em.

Three nil, could so very easily have been one three. England are still giving this bunch a sniff and they’ll be feeling confident on home soil. Are they, Aussies, though going to do the classic England trick of yore and win the final meaningless dead rubber?

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