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So the dear old luvvie is in full whinging, setting the world to rights, mode again. Last time that came to mind was an appearance he made on Channel 4 News complaining about the Tories being aligned to a certain group in the European Parliament that he claimed were anti-Semitic, which of course meant the Tories were as well.

This I found somewhat ironic. The face of the BBC the figure of mouth frothing lust for Labour voting Guardian readers going on C4 to call others anti-Semitic. Four organisations there that if a list of British institutions of that ilk was compiled they’d be at the top.

Now he’s having a go at Russia, the IOC and the Daily Mail.

It’s the latter I find rather funny. Now I’ve no love for this member of the fourth estate, still want an apology from Prince for making be buy the Sunday version once, the one and only time I’ve ever handed over coin of the realm for it. I sometimes click on the links to their site on Twitter when there’s the near daily “outrage”, just to laugh at what they’re getting so riled about. It’s fun, they whinge about the site yet I wonder what number of hits/visits they provide through the various disgusted of Tunbridge Wells tweets.

Any road up, Fry jumps straight in with the classic “the Mail supported Hitler”. Well they did and there’s no denying that. The only problem being so did a certain organisation that Mr. Fry loves to death. The B.B.C.

The B.B.C. was the personal fiefdom of the then director general Lord Reith. And while Fry states that as the Czech crisis arose they [the Mail] were the appeasement newspaper. Well at the same time Lord Reith stated…

Hitler continues his magnificent efficiency Lord Reith

This wasn’t a new found admiration of Hitler by Reith, it was going on years before 1939, when he stated in ’34…

I really admire the way Hitler has cleaned up what looked like an incipient revolt Lord Reith

…after the Night of the Long Knives. Fry then mentions Winston Churchill and how the Mail mocked his comments on what Hilter was really about. Comments you wouldn’t hear on the B.B.C. as Reith didn’t like Winston and certainly didn’t like what he had to say about Reith’s favourite world leader, he kept voices that were anti-appeasement off the air of our state broadcaster. Reith and the B.B.C. were so enamoured of Hitler that one Labour politician – who predicted Reith would end up in an asylum – called the B.B.C…

the nearest thing in this country to Nazi government that can be shown Hastings Lees Smith

Yet Mr. Fry seems very happy to take our money from the TV tax through the Corporation. Quite happy to fly all over the world for them – no doubt in first class – probably using fuel that comes from countries slightly more homophobic than Russia. He never seems to bring up the Corporation’s past loyalties. Funny that.

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