Tottenham Hotspur are glad to announce the

departure of Tim Sherwood.

The worst kept secret in football – this week – finally played out as Daniel Levy admitted he’d made another mistake that thankfully had a get out clause.

The news finally coming two days after the final game of the season and a few hours after Timmy had been booed at Ledley King’s testimonial match…

We appointed Tim mid-season as someone who knew both the players and the Club.

We agreed an 18-month contract with a break clause at the end of the season and we have now exercised that option.

Since appointing Tim as Assistant First Team Coach in 2008 and then as Technical Co-ordinator in 2010 and Head of Football Development in 2012, we have been supportive of him during football management changes throughout that period. On behalf of the Club, I should like to state our thanks for all his efforts during his years with us. We wish him great success in his managerial career.

Moving forward, now the season is over, we shall embark on the process of finding a new Head Coach. We have a talented squad and exciting young players coming through. We need to build on this season, develop our potential and inspire the kind of performances that we associate with our great Club. Daniel Levy

A telling statement, that tells some porkies and maybe some home truths.

First up Tim didn’t know the players. He said so himself. He knew Bentaleb and Kane but didn’t know Capoue or Holtby.

Telling that Danny boy got that get out clause in there because he knew it was only going to be an end of season appointment. It even eventually dawned on Timmy he was just an interim. It was an appointment made because, in classic Spurs forward thinking, nobody else was available when Levy dispensed with the services of Andre Villas-Boas. It was an appointment made in haste and repented at leisure.

With no plan B, Levy had to go plan Dim.

Telling also that Levy has to point out that they stuck by Tim during his period at the club. Why make a point of that if it didn’t mean others wanted shot. Well obviously AVB would have been happy to see the back of his backstabber. And going by reports a number of players are happier now he’s gone.

Rumours being Paulinho, Sandro, Capoue, Vertonghen and Lloris issued the him of us ultimatum. Well there’s a couple in there we can’t be without, Sandro and Lloris, and no fan with a single brain cell would want to lose those two to keep Timmy.

The split seems to be about 70% joyful at his departure, 25% who love him and 5% that just supported him because he was the man in the job.

Though if you watch Sky or read the red tops you’d think the fan base wanted Timmy leading the club to glory. Especially with his bestest manager ever win percentage in the league. Of course they forget the cup competitions. One win out of six. Out of two competitions at the first throw.

He was apparently, in the words of Gary Lineker, a breath of fresh air.

It was funny on reading one of the red top sites there was photos of those managers sacked so far this last season and there was Paolo Di Canio. Yes, that’s Timmy right there, an English Di Canio. All bluff and bluster.

Yet the British media are all over Tim while Di Canio was lambasted. Yes there was the fascist thing but there was also more. Di Canio was criticised for the overboard show-boating, with Tim it’s good old English passion. Di Canio was criticised for his comments, with Tim it’s that fresh air honesty.

Di Canio was even criticised for thinking he could step up to manage in the Premier League, after what had he done, just managed in the bottom two tiers of league football. Tim on the other hand should have given the chance to manage a team spending millions to gain a top four place due his being around the club and he once played the game and won the league.

Di Canio was criticised for alienating the Sunderland players. Tim apparently had the backing of the team. This seems purely based on Adebayor scoring. No matter other players as mentioned above weren’t playing for him. The laughs and looks Eriksen gave when repeated asked to endorse Timmy’s managerial abilities. Sandro’s tweets, amongst others.

Di Canio was criticised for the shambles on the pitch. Timmy was praised for it. The only difference was Tim’s games garnered points. It was a tactical mess that yes increased goals but for both teams as oppositions gained more of the ball and had more chances at goal under Tim’s run around a bit tactical master class.

But Tim is English and Paolo is one of ’em foreign types.

That’s why Timmy appealed to red top rag reporters and ex-footballers. But then the media do love a bloke in charge that’s ever so slightly educationally subnormal. It makes for great copy when he says something stupid, or throws his gilet. And ex-players, especially British ones, fall for all that passion – no matter how fake it appeared. He lives the game. Anything that can be summed up in a cliché.

And well most of the media feel a bit inferior when a manager who can converse in a number of languages is talking down to them in their own – and doing so with a far better grasp of their language than they do.

Who wants smart arse Carlos Kickballs when we can ‘ave good old ‘onest ‘Arry and Timmy.

As I tweeted all those months back when AVB was sacked by Chelsea the media wouldn’t allow him the chance at Spurs – along with Levy they got their way. Who ever replaces Sherwood, whether Pochettino, De Boer or Anchelotti will be immediate dismissed by some just because they aren’t an honest Englishman like Tim.

It started well in advance when David “Calamity” James asked what had De Boar done? Won a title in a one contender league. Yet he’s won four titles, on the trot, which no other Ajax manager has achieved and done so after a period in which this only contender hadn’t actually won it for a while.

What’s he done to get Timmy’s job. Timmy knows this club.

While Tim goes off and tells everyone he’s a Premier League manager now. No need to get any badges, what will they tell him he doesn’t already know. I even doubt he’ll be heading down a division for a job, Norwich, beneath his standing that.

The fact that Sherwood’s sacking is the best thing to happen at the club all season is a sad reflection on what started badly with Bale’s sale, looked up with the new arrival but very quickly hit the implosion button.

Don’t know how many more chances Levy will get to pick a new manager. Law of averages states he has to strike lucky once, some dimwits will tell you he did by luck with Timmy, got an ounce of sense and you could think he had before he threw it away leaving us with Deadwood.

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