Booing Adebayor, it’s the least

he deserves.

Emmanuel Adebayor has been hawked all over the world since he signed with Spurs, unfortunately another transfer window has passed without his removal from the club.

This apparently great player for us – see the teams that wanted to sign him, ah yes relegation fodder – is only booed and hated because of the colour of his skin or his past association with another team.

Well I couldn’t give a fuck about the colour of his skin or who indeed he may have played for, it’s typical in this day and age though to scweam waycist, it’s about what you show and what Adebayor has shown is why he’s booed. Don’t remember Gallas coming in for as much vitriol.

Figures are put up for his scoring record at the club, they’re compared to other players, yet that shows absolutely nothing. Yes Adebayor did well for Spurs but in two specific periods of his stay at the club.

First up when he was on loan from Citeh, after Madrid had decided they’d had enough of him, they certainly didn’t want him on a permanent deal. On loan he was looking for a new deal at a new club, another pay-day. So in 2011/12 season he put the effort in, Spurs got 17 league goals and eventually Adebayor got the what he wanted.

Daniel Levy signed him up. Hell even the departing ‘Arry Rednapp thought it was a stupid move giving him a permanent deal, yes ‘Arry went after him this transfer window but only on loan.

So in came AVB and off went Adebayor’s effort. The Portuguese first season saw Spurs gain the most points they had achieved in the Premier League era, with the joint most victories and the second most goals scored.

And what did we get from Adebayor? Well when he was bothered showing up he contributed a whole 5 goals, with one assist. He couldn’t be arsed, nothing to play for, well when I say nothing no new financial incentive.

It’s funny those same Adebayor fanboys slag of Soldado at every opportunity, yet his goals per 90 minutes played ratio in his first season was the same as Adebayor’s in ’12/’13. Soldado had four assists more. Apparently Soldado doesn’t work for the team. Yes when he’s running around making runs that are never picked out as Townsend cuts inside and balloons another one over the bar are considered work-rate.

So AVB wanted rid of a player he could see not bothering, unfortunately nobody wanted him. Adebayor then when he bothered turning up the next season was useless on the pitch. Until he eventually helped see AVB depart. The dimwit Levy backing the lazy dolt over the best manager he’d picked in his time at the club.

So in came Tim “Dimwood” Sherwood. Someone who was on Adebayor’s level, both being club house cancers.

And with Dimwood came a reason for Adebayor to bother, something to prove even if this time it wasn’t purely for financial gain. So being bothered he bothered to score and we eventually got 11 league goals out of him.

And that’s why he should be booed because he’s someone who is only bothering to put the effort in when there’s something in it for him. The rest of the time he’s loping around, lazily being offside, someone who has been in the professional game a decade and a half now and whose first touch is an embarrassment.

Yes he can score and can be unplayable when he can be arsed but when he can’t and he can’t most of the time there’s no point him being in the squad. So there’s no pint keeping him at the club and there’s certainly no point in pretending that he’s that great a player – if he was it wouldn’t be those bottom few teams in the league or the Spammers who would be looking at him.

They claim booing him doesn’t help him and his confidence but who are they trying to kid, he couldn’t care less about the team or the fans, what they do or what happens, because if he did we wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place.

As he flicks through his wad of cash with his stupid headphones on do you really think the boos mean anything to him?

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