R.I.P. Little Stevie Wright

The Easybeats - Friday On My Mind

the black eyed bruiser.

Somewhat lost up in all the Lemmy stuff over Chrimbo as the fact that Stevie Wright died the day before, December 27th, aged 68.

Little Stevie, from Yorkshire so a good start, fronted the Easybeats, probably Australia’s number one pop group of the 1960s…

In the band were also Harry Vanda and George Young who would later produce the first few AC/DC albums, up until Highway To Hell. George Young being the older brother of DC’s Malcolm and Angus.

They also produced and wrote a number of tracks for the two rock albums Stevie Wright put out in the mid 70s, Hard Road and Black-Eyed Bruiser. With Vanda/Young writing and producing and Malcolm Young on guitar they’re almost like a pair of AC/DC albums, Wright coming close to Bon Scott.

The pair aren’t that easy, well they weren’t, to get in a physical form, probably easier to get from some download services now and well worth checking out.

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