Not beating the Jocks is surely

Scotland 2-2 England (2018 World Cup Qualifier) - June 10th, 2017

a sacking offence.

I don’t know who was the more befuddled after this week, Theresa May or Gareth Southgate, both just scraping not losing in a one horse race.

I also don’t know which were the more delusional after it, Jeremy Corbyn for think he’d won or the Jocks that thought they were robbed of victory.

You know the ones that were comparing Griffiths to Messi and Ronaldo for the two free-kicks, that almost got them an undeserved win. They seem to quickly forget the previous attempt, by a striker who hadn’t scored previously for his country in a dozen outings, had more chance of going for a throw than hitting the back of the net.

They were two excellent free-kicks, though ably helped by England’s number 1. Yeah… how long is that one gonna last out. Why did it even last this game? It’s not like he’s had an outstanding season out on loan in Italy. What was it the team official said, they didn’t expect so many errors from an England international.

Hart was also lucky to get away with picking up a back pass, which seemed to have bypassed the officials.

Forster is probably next in line and that would mean Southgate has gone with the two worst options available. As the Southampton player hasn’t had the best season either. Butland missed most of it but when he came back showed he hadn’t missed a beat, while Heaton was instrumental in keeping Burnley in the top flight. Add in Pickford who was outstanding in Sunderland’s doomed campaign, not fault can be laid at his feet with regard their relegation, Southgate’s first two choices should be number 4 and 5.

Managers and their favourites eh.

Saying that they weren’t free-kicks. Even the Jocks I’ve spoken to around here didn’t think they were. Can see why the first was given, the second one though, dear god. Livermore slips the Jock players makes sure he trips over him, arms in the air – like the Wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man – screaming.

So the first one is a prime example of Cahill, an accident waiting to happen. Which is exactly the same as two of his three partners in the back four. Walker and Smalling. You know Smalling is going to do something stupid and Walker… well Walker is gonna be Walker. Out of position, letting the opposition have plenty of space and making rash challenges in dangerous areas.

He’s no better going forward, contrary to what you are led to believe, I did read that Walker was blocked from getting to the byline, they seemed to claim the Jock fullback was responsible for that where in reality it’s Walker that blocks Walker from getting there. As he stops and has a think about it, well it’s gone as soon as he tries that. Then runs into the defender and loses the ball.

Seemed to be on a one man mission to get that transfer fee down.

What was in front of them wasn’t much better. Livermore is a trier but so limited. Dier was poor, along with his bro Dele. The pair looked like they need a break. The BBC gave Lallana a 7/10, I assume that’s one for turning up, one for getting the spelling correct on the back of his shirt and 5 for being a Liverpool player. He stopped everything in it’s tracks. Rashford ran about got little service, just slightly more than Kane.

Southgate said he was hampered by their being no other option in the middle of the park. Yet he had Oxlade-Chamberlain, who has been playing there for his club and who Southgate had used their previously. He at least did something when he eventually came on. Though for the wrong player. How Lallana stayed on the whole game, while Livermore lasted until the dying minutes is surely beyond most folk.

It was a cracking goal from Kane to equalise, for once Sterling actually doing something right. Just watch, you won’t see that again from the little tart anytime soon.

I don’t know though which would be better, thumping them on their own ground or snatching that victory away from them when they were absolute the it was done and dusted.

The tone in the commentators voice as they went from glorious victory to a draw was almost worth England not winning. That’s because I was subjected to Jockistan TV coverage.

There’s one thing worse than football on ITV and that’s football on STV.

Watching the video above, it looks like that’s ITV coverage. With two co-commentators, one from each side. Whereas STV’s idea of balance is to have one co-commentator who was born in England but played for the Jocks. One who screamed his delight at both of their goals and couldn’t hide his dismay at the equaliser.

But then one of their other pundits thought the Jocks were “outstanding”… for doing nowt and getting lucky.

And yet England, Gareth Southgate’s England couldn’t beat this bunch of clodhoppers. Hell, even dismal Roy’s team managed it. Does anyone really have any confidence in the befuddled looking plank…

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