No, I can’t feel sorry for Burnley

Tottenham vs Burnley 1 0 All Goals & Highlights 15 12 2018

they got what they deserved.

Burnley had the best opportunity to beat Spurs but chose to do nothing waste time for 90 plus minutes and so don’t deserve any sympathy for losing to an injury time winner.

If I was a Burnley fan I wouldn’t be happy with the performance, I wouldn’t be happy with their manager Dyche’s pathetic response that he was happy that Spurs were playing long balls. I’d be asking for my money back.

Spurs have just come back from a hard trip away to Barcelona, on a high, after gaining the draw that saw them through to the knockout stage of the Champions League – to play Dortmund – after some tough games, while Burnley have had the week off. Added to that Spurs start the game with three fullbacks, as Davies had to play in the centre with the rest ill or injured, with another kid making his league debut in the middle of the park, in 18 year old Oliver Skipp.

With all that this was a great opportunity for Burnley to come to Wembley and bloody some noses, but no the fans have to schlep all the way down from the arse end of Lancashire… well, could just say Lancashire… to see their manager put out a team with a plan of doing nothing for 90 plus minutes. Those plus minutes being for the added time added for all their time wasting. Which started early and went on for pretty much all of the game and should have seen more yellow cards handed out.

Burnley fans, honestly, would you prefer to go all that way to see your team do nothing in hope of hanging on for a win only to see them lose, or would you have preferred to see them have a go and still lose? Spurs go to Barca, go for it and come away with the result they needed. Burnley really need wins, as they now find themselves in the drop zone – which looked on as soon as they got into Europe last season…

If you expect to lose, and surely in the position they’re in this season – can’t score, can’t defend – that’s what they expected, why not come and have a go.

I just don’t know how the Burnley fans can be happy about a manager who is more concerned moaning about yellow cards for time wasting and is happy because the opposition had to use a long ball to beat his side. Hell, they couldn’t even score when Spurs had completely dominated the ball then gifted them an opportunity from Hugo’s poor kick.

In the end Burnley and their manager got what they deserved, it should have come earlier, I don’t suppose amongst his moaning about the officials penalising his side for time wasting he had a go for failing to give a penalty for the foul on Harry Kane in their penalty area. Or that Bardsley shouldn’t have been there to block Dele at the far post because he should have seen two yellows, one for a foul on Rose to go with the one he eventually did get for time wasting.

Eriksen’s fine finish came in the first minute of the four minutes added on at the end. Thankfully the visitors didn’t benefit from for that added time to nick anything.

Yes it came from a long ball, Llorente was causing trouble but didn’t look like he got a touch, just distracted other, Dele chested it onto Harry and his lovely hold up and layoff found Eriksen. The Dane beat Hart at the near post as the keeper had no idea which way he was gonna shoot, as he opened his body and could have gone far or near. It was a cracking goal, not some Sean Dyche hump up the park.

So after the disaster of the NLD, Spurs are now five points ahead of the celebrators… haven’t got out of second gear, haven’t really played at home and have a load of players to come back, fit and fresh…

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