G was the only SPotY

The moment Geraint Thomas won Sports Personality of the Year 2018


Geraint Thomas was the only option for the BBC Sports Personality of the Year and rightfully won it.

Didn’t watch it again this year. It’s become tedious – see Jug Ears and Horsey Gushing and Gobby Gabby.

As much as I like Harry, he didn’t win the big one. No fault of his own, mainly the fault of the cretin that the cretins gave the Manager of the Year award to. Yes he won the Golden Boot at the World Cup, but it’s not enough.

Hamilton had the best car again. The others, a boxer who didn’t win and the Burnley Bumpkin, who shouldn’t have made the short list but then the other cricket option got one score after a long run of nothing, and people you’ve never heard of.

Though it goes to show, if G wins it for one Grand Tour victory, as Wiggins did before him – though there was the Olympic gold – and Tommy Simpson and Mark Cavendish win it for one World Championship title… shouldn’t Froome have picked up the award last year for two Grand Tour victories in the same year, and should have been there for holding all three at the same time.

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