Why would Pochettino want to leave

Arsenal 0-2 Tottenham Hotspur - Carabao Cup (League Cup) - Dec 20th, 2018


Why would anyone want to deal with am moody tart like Pogba, when you can stay with Dele Alli?

It’s not three weeks since Spurs suffered defeat in the league in the NLD and since then they’ve opened up a five point led over them lot and now put them out of the League Cup, at their own joint.

Even the media’s non stop attempt to get Pochettino to Man United couldn’t stop Spurs in the Carabao Cup quarter final.

Two goals of quality coming from two very similar passages of play. Ball up by Gazzaniga, in goal, a lovely chip over the defence for the onrushing Spurs player to score a cracker.

First up after 20 minutes, Gazzaniga picked up a lose ball and humped it up for Moura to fight for it, falling to Dele he lifted a lovely ball over the defence and Son was off. Getting the ball out from under his feet, he still had plenty to do and with his “weaker” left peg he curled it round the hopeless Cech. Yet again another important goal from Son, he scores openers, equaliser and winners, not stat padders.

The racist home scum had been booing Son from the beginning, every time he touched the ball. They got what they deserved, as did the ones online.

They hadn’t learned the lesson when they continued to boo Dele and then booed Harry when he came on just before the hour. His first touch was to chest down Gazzaniga’s clarence, from a back pass, under control first time he turned and lofted the ball over the top to Dele, his first touch might not have been the best but it set him up perfectly for his second with the outside of his foot on the half-volley, over the hapless Cech, which was glorious.

Yes they hot the woodwork a few times but the fact that they couldn’t score when Spurs made a complete omnishambles of it via Gazzaniga and Davies, showed that they weren’t gonna score. Gazzaniga made up for that heart stopping moment with a couple of really good saves to go with his pretty good distribution.

Dele took the man of the match award, along with a plastic bottle to the head, which he took in good grace… well off the pitch, when he said post-match that it made the goal and victory that much better but also on the pitch…

The only other highlight was Sissoko’s attempt on goal, which showed why he passed the ball at the weekend when in a position to shoot. It was so very Sissoko, clean through and into row Z.

Why would Pochettino want to leave? Yeah, he’ll get money, but what’s the point of that, you spend a fortune on a high maintenance show pony like Pogba, when you can get the likes of Dele, with a big smile on his face, for a few quid.

The hot balls made sure Spurs didn’t get the easy draw in the semi-final, where they’ll play Chelsea.

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