Come on Jim Ratcliffe… help us out

England v Brazil (0-1) | England’s Unbeaten Run Ends | Match Highlights

come and get your man Southgate.

Another Southgate borefest saw more vitriol piled on the clueless dolt as his side lost to a Brazil side that won’t go down as the most memorable in their footballing history.

The funny thing is that all these new found converts to #SouthgateOut have watched this rubbish for how many years now – eight – and have only just seem to notice how bloody awful it is. When this game is exactly the same game that has happened for most of those previous 91 games he’s been in charge of.

They’re even ignoring Channel 4 telling them how entertaining it is.

It doesn’t matter the personnel as England were denied their one world class player, Harry Kane. He would have been in the same position as Ollie Watkins. Having to drop deep or wide to actually see the ball, and as with Kane, Watkins put some good balls into the box there was nobody there to have a shot.

Shouldn’t the greatest player who has ever lived – Bellingham – be there to finish it off? Or the greatest player in the Premier League – Foden?

To think though if Kane was fit he’d be there doing exactly that because you know Southgate would have to take just another look at England’s record goal scorer. That’s we have a back four with three of Southgate’s favourites, four if you include the keeper. Southgate just needs another look at Stones, Maguire, Walker and Pickford. And after seeing them yet again, Southgate thinks… “yes… those are my guys”. Maguire at fault throughout before going off after 67 minutes, when with the score at 0-0 Southgate decided now was the time to look at other players. Yeah, Gaz, give ’em 20 minutes, you’ll get all you want from that. But then he doesn’t want anything from those players who could replace his favourites because then he might have to play ’em ahead of his favourites.

The other member of the defence started well. Chilwell in for Southgate’s favourite Shaw. Overlapping he was played down the wing and put a decent cross in. After that he went to pieces with the ball at his feet putting in some shockingly horrendous deliveries.

While Walker’s contribution to the night was clearing the ball, under absolutely no pressure, right into the back of Maguire’s head. Absolutely hilarious stuff. Before he was replaced by a player who barely passed the halfway line.

Southgate’s midfield was missing one favourite in Jordan Henderson – nope, no one knows why – replaced by Spurs target Connor Gallagher – nope no one knows why either Spurs want him or Southgate played him. He did a well rounded Henderson impersonation of running about and doing nothing.

Bellingham moved forward to the number 10 role. Kicked a bit, didn’t do much else. But was gloriously magnificent in doing nothing according the media fanbois. Foden took some inept set pieces, did nothing else. But he did a flick that had them creaming themselves.

Gordon looked like he was a bit scared to do what he does week in week out for Newcastle. He got into it more but still didn’t quite look confident enough when taking a couple of shots, that at least did something. His four shots equalling the total of the other four forward players that featured – he accounted for two thirds of England’s three shots on target. He was replaced by Rashford who did what he’s been doing for his club, very little. Cutting inside, losing the ball and then meandering while the opposition attacked.

Rashford came on with his team mate, the new wonderkid, Mainoo, because what this game was calling out for was another defensive midfielder. Meanwhile Toney and Maddison were sat on the bench for the full 90 minutes.

All this against a Brazil that deserved to be playing in blue and not the revered yellow shirt. A nothing Brazil. Very limited and yet still looked like they could carve through England at ease, if they didn’t dither, like they did.

The two United player combined to start Brazil’s run to score the only goal of the game – Rashford just stopped bothering after playing his part, then doing that look I’m doing something jog, while not actually doing anything – in which the defence was too busy claiming various Brazilians were offside to actually bother stopping one of them having a shot and the other tapping in the rebound.

After Brazil score England didn’t manage another shot on target, they managed only one shot. One of the two they mustered in the whole of the second half.

And that sums up Southgate. Dull. Clueless. And thankfully led to more calls for his removal. Finally there’s a chance with Ratcliffe more than interested in taking him to Old Trafford to replace the the over-officious bald loser they have at the mo. Finally after all these years since he was sacked by Middlesborough someone – apart from Levy and the FA – are showing an interest in the dullard. I bet Maguire and Rashford are happy. As happy as every England fan should be at the prospect – though not if you’re a Man U fan.

People are finally waking up what I’ve been posting about Southgate’s side beating nobodies and then losing against the big name teams, even when that big name team is full of non-big time players as this Brazil side. Stats about his record against sides in the top 10 of the FIFA rankings being printed up, something like a 30% win record.

People looking at the uninspiring and predictable starting XIs, the substitutions, the poor win record when they concede the first goal. All of which was going on for years but were overlooked because he got an easy draw on a competition finals.

Come on lads, you were creaming yourself over this crap for years, while wearing your Southgate waistcoat…

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