It was a no win situation

England versus Estonia last night.

Win, as they did, and it means McClown will keep his job and will keep playing the usual suspects.

Lose and yes the McClown would have been gone before the return flight touched down but we’d be as good as out of the Euros and left trying to find a new man for the job when all the candidates who should have been picked ahead of McClown are all settled in their jobs.

Yes it was a win, it means qualification is still doable but christ so it should have been, it was goalless, winless Estonia they were playing.

Hindered by a lack of pace that could have been eased by the use of Dyer at right back instead of the defensive move of deploying Brown there. McClown did make the right choice in dropping Carragher, though Ledley didn’t have a good game. The media types, Liverpool fans, who decried this and jumped on every mistake by King obviously felt the might of Estonia’s attacking options needed two lunking stoppers. The ManUre members bleated on about Ferdinand will walk straight back in like he’s a rock of consistency at the back and doesn’t have numerous lazy periods every game.

Oh wow didn’t Beckham justify his place, one decent cross where he was in an acre of space and had all the time in the world – oh yeah the bigger teams are going to give him that – and one hit and hope lucky bounce cross that each got a goal in while generally doing bugger all does not make him the best right footed deliverer of the ball in the world. He was doing this during the insipid Svennis days, while failing during the last couple of World Cups and Euros, he also managed to get on the pitch while injured during those times as well – thinking of the team and not himself of course. Some people are happy with this, others have higher standards.

Lumpalard really did himself a service by doing nothing, though you see why Gerrard is saying such things as “We are so lucky to have Frank Lampard in an England shirt.” Is that because he’s deflecting the overdue criticism away from the rest of you.

So more of this McCLown “inspired” crap to look forward to next season. Is this sort of thing going to beat Russia home and away?

Observing the pictuesque Svangaskard Stadium in Toftir as the Jocks tried their best to keep up their record of drawing away games to the Faroe Islands, I noticed the McDonald’s adverts and was wondering if they had such places in the Faroes and if so is the breakfast special an “Egg McPuffin”

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