2007 in music

…and all that.

Looks like it’s almost the same as the 2006 post, not an awful lot actually released during the actual 12 months of the year.

MediaMonkey says there’s knocking on for 1,000 tracks tagged as 2007 on my HD but there’s only five actual albums released during the year.

It can’t be just down to FOPP closing down, as it was open in ’06 and I didn’t buy much released that year either, I just can’t be arsed buying new stuff, it’s really got to grab me before I splash any cash. So I end up with about 28 versions of the most popular Van Halen tracks, that is the ones they’ve played on the recent reunion tour.

So the ’07 albums are:

Jon Rauhouse’sSteel Guitar Heart Attack” – Jon’s excellent fourth solo release. Download an MP3 taster “Ballad of the Black Chihuahua“.

Ozzy Osbourne – “Black Rain“: listened to it quite a bit but it’s been a few months now and I don’t know if I remember any of the tracks, not good sign that is it.

Prince – “Planet Earth“: Gave it a few listens, not really my cup of tea, not near the level of other stuff of his I’ve liked.

Ray Davies – “Working Man’s Cafe“: Didn’t seem to like this much at the time, haven’t listened to it since so doubt my thoughts have changed in two months.

The Stooges – “The Weirdness“: I sort of liked Iggy and the boys return but it’s nowhere near their original output, made up with it with their Glasto antics mind.

Now looking at it, Jon sent his album to me for nowt the Prince and Ray Davies ones were free with newspapers, Ozzy’s was a pressie, I did buy the other one, so I’ve only really bought one disc released in 2007 for myself this year, I think I bought more for others, and out of the 5 only one stood out.

Looking at the 2007 list on MediaMonkey I was thinking there’s something missing and then it dawned and I can’t believe I have yet got round to getting QotSA’s “Era Vulgaris“, I have heard it, do quite like it, of course not up there with “Rated R” or “Songs For The Deaf” but I’m sure it would have stuck out for me more than four of the above discs and would have taken the number I enjoyed up to two.

So the last.fm charts are basically made up of Van Halen reunion shows, Led Zep shows both old and new, old Stones gigs and such like.

In Chrimbo tradition the top 40 artists for the past year is:

  1. Van Halen (2,134)
  2. Led Zeppelin (878)
  3. The Rolling Stones (494)
  4. ZZ Top (421)
  5. Iron Maiden (400)
  6. Black Sabbath (393)
  7. Aerosmith (368)
  8. Johnny Cash (329)
  9. Pink Floyd (305)
  10. Ozzy Osbourne (291)
  11. AC/DC (252)
  12. The Stooges (251)
  13. Sweet (249)
  14. Queens of the Stone Age (246)
  15. Judas Priest (223)
  16. Rory Gallagher (222)
  17. Faces (168)
  18. Jon Rauhouse (145)
  19. Stevie Ray Vaughan (132)
  20. Queen (128)
  21. Ramones (123)
  22. Alice in Chains (115)
  23. Motörhead (112)
  24. The Animals (112)
  25. Neko Case (105)
  26. B.B. King (103)
  27. David Lee Roth (102)
  28. Jerry Cantrell (99)
  29. Creedence Clearwater Revival (97)
  30. Y&T (95)
  31. Masters of Reality (92)
  32. The Who (91)
  33. The Stranglers (85)
  34. Jimi Hendrix (78)
  35. W.A.S.P. (77)
  36. New York Dolls (74)
  37. Fleetwood Mac (73)
  38. Joe Satriani (69)
  39. The Allman Brothers Band (67)
  40. Otis Redding (66)

The album chart doesn’t quite match up, somehow they don’t seem to have most of the stuff I’ve listened to listed there, strange 😀

Two bands occupy the top 30 tracks played, a whole five of which are Led Zep’s 😀

I could also just copy some of my other posts from this time last year, as Chrimbo telly was crap again this time round, don’t think I recorded anything over the period and then as last year started in a blackout this year well it wasn’t an electrical blackout but it’s been as black as night round here since the calendar flipped over. It would be nice to see the sun again sometime…

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