If Saturday was guaranteed then

last night was just predictable.

Head up to Manchester, run a round a bit, look OK, don’t give them much of a look in, then back off, let a screamer from outside the box fly in the net, loose what little fight you had…give up.

This was basically the ManUre kids side that was a shambles losing to Besiktas the previous week, a side that was there for the taking, as over these two games the Champions League performance was about their level – not that great. All the bluff and blunder about Fergie bringing through kids, yeah how many have come through lately that would be talked about in any glowing terms if at another club. The “you don’t win things with kids” lot were thrown in because Fergie had to, if the old UEFA rules weren’t in place they wouldn’t have got a look, he would have been buying more Verons, Taibi, Cruyffs, Blomquists, Djemba Djembas and the like.

Was it ‘Arry talking about the Premier League position being more important than the League Cup or just seeing that red shirt that caused Spurs to shrink in the spotlight. Certainly wasn’t the crowd getting at them as those that managed to get up from the home counties, West country etc to sit in the home seats were trying their best not to disturb the players with any noise.

A lifeless game throughout, which the Spurs side played their part in.

Though of course ‘Arry played his part when choosing the team. Palacios back to his worst as that chain of Jenasite hung round his neck for the first half. The chain passed to Huddlestone after the break as both of them gave the ball away repeatedly. Jenas had transferred all his powers, as he pretty much epitomised the game, when someone with balls and talent could grab it by the throat he put in his usual gutless performance.

Lennon on the left was probably a good choice, as Bentley had to be on the right, and rat boy Neville at rightback. Lennon could skin him all night, especially with Bale’s pace in support, it was a ploy that started well and worked, then the supply dried up and that was that, as ‘Arry didn’t make positional changes til far too late to make much difference.

‘Arry recently came out saying how unhappy he was at the treatment Keane was on the end of from some supporters. More games like that and he’ll be more understanding of their position, performances like these will surely break through the manager’s blinkers. Might as well have put Pav on to see if he could drive up the asking price come January.

Lot of decent possession by Spurs, but too many touches, no cutting edge and a lacklustre, pacified, supine, accepting demeanour. Have the last couple of weeks of steps forward been undone by one giant leap back?

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