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Hell even the worst Liverpool team in living memory (the one fully built by Pugwash in his own image) managed a 2-0 away win over Everton. Coming away from Goodison with only a point, dropping a place in the league, over the weekend, is pretty much as bad as a loss.

What would you give for a 2-1 win over Wigan and those other seven goals spread out in the games that followed. One more yesterday and no matter the fight in David Moyes and his team but it would have been game over. As it was two really should have been enough, but so many chances for that killer third were wasted even before the penalty.

So it’s the old story, touch, no killer touch in front of goal and a soft touch in defence.

All those chances 19 attempts at goal, 11 on 8 off, only two taken. Another stuffing should have been on the record books, a team with three right backs and one left back across the defence, whose only game to begin with was humping long balls up to the inept Jo were there for the taking. Now the Wigan manager watched the 9-1 game DVD about ten times in the following week, wonder if anyone from Spurs has watched it once. How many goals came from Lennon crosses, skimming the 6 yard box, Defoe at near post to bang it in. Well another was added yesterday with Spurs’ opener, but we still don’t see enough of that.

And then the soft touch in defence, the old problem of fullbacks. Assou-Ekotto obviously wanted in for an early bath and was doing his best to be sent off, extremely lucky not to be but it forced ‘Arry’s ‘and at ‘alf-time. BAE had to be taken off and Bale introduced. Bale then showed he hasn’t got any better at that defending malarkey as he hesitated then gave up as Everton’s excellent young kid Seamus Coleman, waltzed around him getting in the cross for the first. The Toffees’ equaliser again saw Spurs fullbacks disappear as the ball went from one side to the other without a defender in sight on either side.

But of course it could have been all so different after the ref blew his whistle for the pen. Moyes getting his audition for Scrooge in late this year, saying it wasn’t a foul, the morons in the crowd shouting cheat as Palacios required a stretcher. It wasn’t so much a rugby tackle as he made no attempt with the arms, more an NFL style hit. Yeah David just a coming together in the box, I wonder what he would have said if it was in the other box and hadn’t been given 🙄

If the Honduran is out for some time it creates real problems because it can only mean the reintroduction of the Jenasite to the starting lineup. That can’t end well. Yesterday was calling out for a change, Jenasite was brought on late, but ‘Arry’s hand had been forced with BAE’s withdrawal. What was really required later on was one of the central pair to be replaced by Bale, then BAE would have had some defensive cover from the Welshman, that he or Bale didn’t get from Kranjcar who was inside most of the time. In that change he could have stayed inside it would have worked out far better for all but ‘Arry seems reluctant with the Croat, either not playing him or not giving him a full game.

Who didn’t know what was going to happen after the penalty was awarded and as the time ticked on before Wilson was removed from the field it became more and more obvious…

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