Effectology volume 10

Electro-Harmonix Effectology, Vol.10 Electric Piano Effect (Led Zeppelin-No Quarter)

The Electric Piano Effect.

Due to a glitch in my browser (Flock) which meant that some my YouTube favourite users new videos hadn’t shown up as being added, I haven’t added the latest editions of Bill Ruppert’s excellent Effectology series of videos.

As you should know by now, it is volume 10 after all, Bill Ruppert has decided to use his Ibanez Jem a few well chosen Electro-Harmonix effects pedals to make some non-guitar noises. This volume is inspired by the classic Led Zeppelin track “No Quarter“, from the 1973 album “Houses Of The Holy“.

From the following tour it became stalwart of Zeppelin’s live shows, basically becoming John Paul Jones solo spot. A 15 to 30 minute extravaganza to rival Bonzo’s “Pat’s Delight / Moby Dick / Over The Top” drumathon.

For the track John Paul Jones used the Fender Rhodes electric piano with through a Maestro phase sifter and so that is the sound Bill set out to recreate with his trusty Ibanez Jem plus the following pedals: Soul Preacher, Stereo Memory Man, MicroSynth, Cathedral, Frequency Analyzer, Voice Box, Pulsar.

Settings for the various effect can be found HERE.

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