One of those days

another one of them.

There’s an increasing amount of them and if ‘Arry does get his and the team’s act together there’ll be more and more of them as teams park the bus at The Lane.

Maybe Sir Less and Big Joe aren’t the best striking coaches to tell Defoe, Keane, Crouch etc to place the ball, don’t just hammer it. Bit of finesse goes a long way. By all means say the Hull keeper had a blinder but don’t let that blind you to the fact that on quite a number of occasions on Saturday he had the ball banged straight at him. Yes he made some great saves but he also had the ball bounce off him without having to do anything to prevent a goal. Were any of those save top corner? No.

The double save first from Modric, then from Keane, was it really as outstanding as everyone is creaming themselves about? First save was good, nice curler from Luka through some bodies but the second was banged off his face by Keane who kicked it straight at him, a pathetic attempt really. A clip over the keeper, it’s one nil and the flood gates would probably open but Keane is lost.

And it’s where ‘Arry is failing, why is Keane starting, especially against a team with a flat back ten. Keane is totally out of form, his partnership with Defoe is pretty much nonexistent, this is the type of game Crouch shouldn’t be on the bench. Yes we’re missing Lennon, but with Luka, Niko and Defoe there’s enough in there to overcome such a loss against the likes of Hull, at home. After all with 18 attempts on target creating chances wasn’t the problem.

‘Arry was happy with the display but the most telling quote of the day came from Captain Pugwash after his sides draw with Stoke…

We’re still in touch…and we’ve been playing really badly Rafa Benitez

Exactly, two points lost with Everton’s comeback – which seems to have resurrected their season, home loss to Stoke – their only away win so far – home loss to Wolves – averaging two goals conceded away – and a home draw with Hull – their fourth away point all season. In reality 8 to 10 lost points, wouldn’t be worrying about other teams doing us a favour, as in Citeh’s first loss under Bobby Manc and the pikeys holding Villa yesterday.

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