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Maradona playing for Spurs


So that’s Spurs’ lot in the Champions League draw then, Italians, Germans and Dutch.

The current Champions League holders Inter Milan, who of course have lost the man who was probably more responsible for that victory than most and replaced him with a man who dissembled a side that won the trophy into the one which finished just scraping into the Europa League last season.

The Italian’s season hasn’t started yet, will get a first look tonight in the Super Cup which will be atrocious anyway, but by the time we meet them on October 20th, away at the San Siro, he should have lost them a few league games, Italian and their first two CLs, demoralised the team and pissed off strikers by subbing them for defensive midfielders when goals were needed.

First up is away to Werder Bremen, now they’ve lost one of their big name youngsters in Mesut Özil, and frankly if you look at Munich last year they got to the final but only had one player and quite frankly looked limited. So Bremen finished third to Munich’s champions last season, makes you think. Though most think it’s between us and WB for who will finish second behind Inter.

Lowest ranked in the group are FC Twente, expertly guided to their first domestic league championship last season by Schteve McClown. Does that say it all? National team may have got to the World Cup final but the club game in the Netherlands does seem weak now, after all Dirk Kuyt did well over there.


September 14th:
Werder Bremen v Tottenham Hotspur

September 29th:
Tottenham Hotspur v FC Twente

October 20th:
Inter Milan v Tottenham Hotspur

November 2nd:
Tottenham Hotspur v Inter Milan

November 24th:
Tottenham Hotspur v Werder Bremen

December 7th:
FC Twente v Tottenham Hotspur

So who knows, glad to hear ‘Arry intends to just go for it and attack, though he keeps saying he won’t be buying any more players though there’s gaps that need filling. All this optimism will carry on until the morning of September 14th, less than a month away.

And with the draw against Inter Milan, thanks to Aidan it’s a good excuse to for this video…

…yes that is Diego Armando Maradona in the Spurs’ number 10 shirt.

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