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Where another 2 points were dropped in ‘Arry’s pursuit of the Premier League title.

They may be only 14th in the league but away to the Brum isn’t that easy a game. Big Eck – the man whose head is just one big ball of scar tissue – has made them hard to beat at St. Andrew’s, only one defeat this season not many last.

But ‘Arry wouldn’t have taken a draw before the game and was unhappy after with the single point. So he should be, especially after going in at the break one up. Though there was the main problem it was only the one, after 45 minutes of bossing the game with Birmingham not in the game at all, it should have been a far better score for Spurs.

Unlike the team this season with all the comeback wins this was the typical Spurs of old, having the ability but not the finish to kill off teams in the first half. So a same old story of chances created and chances squandered. Oh for a consistent striker, will one be coming in January, is there actually one out there? At least with Robbie Keane not on the bench didn’t have to put up with his mates in the media trying to kid us that Bob is the answer.

Or maybe ‘Arry needs to get Clive Allen to tell Crouch to go with the head when the ball’s that high, yes he’s got quite good control with his chest but his chest is so high up here the ball takes and age to get down to his foot and there just isn’t the time in the box in the Prem.

So while in the first half it was all Modric showing his class, Lennon skinning defenders and Bale riding challenges, fair and foul, while Gallas acting every inch the leader. But then the post interval resumption of play and it looks like Big Eck has given them an ‘Arry style team talk, all of a sudden they want to be involved in the game.

Those running it in the first half now nowhere and those who were watching from afar in that half are now making saves with their groin. Brum had chances but they never really looked like putting them away until Zigic arrived and then it was the biter bit. How many times has Crouch knocked one down for well mainly van der Vaart to knock one in? And so it had to happen, it was coming he nodded one over and Gardner is allowed an easy passage through the middle to equalise.

A typical let down, a week after such good results.

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