As good as it gets

yet again struggling to beat yet more relegation fodder.

Don’t know what ‘Arry’s game is. He knows the media don’t have a bad word to say to or about him, there’s no questioning anything he says so is he trying to see how far he can go? Or is he trying to talk himself out of the club and into Chelsea with his talk of wage bills and spending power?

Or is he just saying what a number now seem to be thinking – this is as good as it gets with ‘Arry as manager?

This great season has had some great moments in it – second half away at Inter, the home game against Inter, away to AC Milan, beating the scum at their dump, doing a not great scouse side at Anfield.

But there’s been more of what was on show at the Lane in the last game of the season against then relegation threatened, now relegated Birmingham City.

A struggle to do anything against a side who bizarrely given their situation didn’t bother to start playing until an hour had passed on the clock. Yes they have injury problems but a defensive set up midfield five wasn’t going to get them anywhere, especially after Spurs went one up. In the end for all their lack of adventure and some of their scummy behaviour, couple of nasty tackles that could, maybe should have seen red instead of yellow and should Gardner have been to score the equaliser after is laughable dive? – and as much as I like Big ‘Eck for those years at the Dung Heap, oh and the Carling Cup over the Woolwich scum helped – they were deservedly relegated.

But back to Spurs, all the ball and no end product – it taking two wonder strikes by Pavlyuchenko, creating more dilemmas as he looks absolutely atrocious, disinterested, doesn’t link with anyone, shocking first touch but then scores a cracker and ends the season second top scorer. What to do with Pav?

It wasn’t t’riffic viewing ‘Arry, it was frustrating. Modric yet again wasted out on the left, though his tendency was to move inside left Danny Rose playing his fourth game at left-back all on his tod. He proved up to the job, yes Brum didn’t exactly pressure him but with little or no help he succeeded, while also providing the main attacking output of the first half, along with Sandro’s shots. One delicious cross should have seen someone, anyone on the end of it but Crouch didn’t seem that bothered and Defoe was nowhere to be seen.

Now that is one thing ‘Arry has said that’s right He [Defoe] hasn’t played well enough to play regularly, that’s the top and bottom of it. There is no other reason.. Yet he started ahead of Pav.

Yeah but will you offload someone many see a past his prime? Though most of them would still keep Defoe ahead of signing a complete bum like Bendtner. That’s the other thing adding to the feelings against ‘Arry, after being told that they are idiots who should go and support someone else, the fear of who he signs up for the push next season.

So fifth we should be overjoyed and bow down, 8 games, 2 points after all, but then Martin Jol achieved 5th with a worse squad in a season when the top 4 were far stronger than they were this season.

Oh and a certain Carlo Ancelotti is free I believe. Wonder if he’d like Thursday night, Channel five?

As I said Brum were one of the five fighting on the last day of the league season for their survival that I wanted to go down, the other was Blackburn. Wanted Wigan, Blackpool and Wolves to survive, in general like the managers of all three. Oh well, one out of two ain’t bad but I’m sure I’m not the only one who would prefer to see Blackpool stay up at the expense of the Giblet Kings.

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