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Scotland coach Andy Robinson was well chosen by the SRU, after all he has as big a chip on his shoulder about the English as adopted country.

Sad little loser is still in denial thinking he was wronged by the RFU. Well he was it’s just not in the way thinks. He thinks they were wrong to sack him when in fact they were wrong in hiring him. He was promoted well above his station and the England team and fans had to suffer for it. Two years of having to put up with inept displays followed by him standing there looking befuddled trying to justify the debacle we’d all just witnessed.

It was a blessed relief when we were relieved of his presence and so now the Jocks have to put up with that post-game confused look. Thank you.

He’s sidestepped some of the stick he should be getting due to the fact his side could have won the game if they weren’t inept when it comes to the crunch. But I mean up against a nearly completely rebuilt new and inexperienced England side the best he could come up with as a plan was for his side to create chaos. In other words just disrupt and maybe nick something, while Dan Parks aimlessly kicks the ball away at every opportunity.

Oh and how well did they butcher every opportunity gifted to them. Made me laugh.

So to the new look England was it all that different from the Johnson era the new player apart?

Well in most areas yes, couple of others maybe not. The latter first there still was any real sense that they could dominate this game, still slow to do things and let others dictate the speed of the ball, while still coughing up possession at critical points. One main difference from the previous regime was that this came through just handling/passing mistakes and not through indiscipline. There certainly wasn’t the stupid, dull, penalties given away, especially not in parts of the pitch where penalties would be easy to kick. Massive boost and you figure they would have lost that game if they’d been pinged as much in their own half as just a few months ago.

One thing that was different was the defence. Can’t remember them missing as many tackles as they did at Murrayfield. Again they would have lost that against a competent side. Number of times Strettle got others out of trouble with a last ditch tackle. Great to see him back in an England shirt. But as pointed out in the commentary the Jocks went wide too quickly with England playing a narrow defence because of the presence of a certain player.

And that’s one thing that’s the same. Hodgson is still well named. A right Charlie. Yes he did well to get the try, though he almost butchered that. For the rest of the game we got the same old Charlie, most notably when he completely bottled a high ball when he was more concerned about being hit than actually catching one that went straight through his arms. Pathetic. It’s another are that hasn’t changed, 9 and 10. There’s got to be a better half-back partnership around somewhere available to England. Danny Care was even worse than Charlie, from being a stand-out when he came in he’s now useless. Slow ball and when he does get the pass away it’s head high or makes the receiver have to stop in their tracks.

So it was a win and everyone was rightly chuffed about that but a half decent side would have rolled over those in white. In fact looking at the other two games in the tournament over the weekend each one of them, on the performance they put in, would have beaten England. Italy have a really good chance next week if they both play the same.

And finally on the other games, Sunday’s Ireland versus Wales was by far one of the best games of rugby we’ve seen on these isles for a while. It was one hell of a game of proper football.

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