Ich bin ein


As Spurs sweat on the top line it wouldn’t surprise to find out that means I’m a doughnut.

Munich of the Bayern – © Alan McInally (Only An Excuse – Broad sword calling Danny Boy) – now have to do us all – and that really is all, I mean is there anyone out there that wants Chelksi to win the Champions League? – a favour or it’s back into ‘Arry’s favourite European competition next season. Thursday nights Channel 5.

Thank you Márton Fülöp. A great exhibition in dicking your old team where you struggled.

A day that started so brightly, dipped then rose finally petered out into a real end of season occasion, leaving everything in others hands as to whether Spurs have won the chance to qualify for the Champions League. All done in typical Spurs’ fashion. The quick strike, 90 seconds in, a lovely one-two between Adebayor and van der Vaart and the striker netted his 17 league goal of the season, with a strike that was well placed.

The Lane was buzzing but then Spurs reverted to the sublime and ridiculous routine. One minute slick, fast passing the next sloppy and overly casual. As news filtered through of goals for West Brom, things lifted but Fulham were seeing a lot of the ball and those in white seemed happy with a one goal lead. Obviously forgetting their usual post half-time slump when coming back out with a small lead.

They were lucky to go in at the break with that lead as Friedel had to make a couple of decent saves to preserve it. All the criticism he’s got over the season from being to old to never coming off his line. Well he hasn’t thrown the ball into his own net and didn’t flounce about, leaving himself in no-man’s land, coming for balls he was never going to get to, taking his own players out in the process. And well if you didn’t vote Kaboul the player of the season then you’d be the type of idiot that thought it was Parker probably. But the defender is vastly improved and it can’t help having a ‘keeper behind him that the whole defence trusts.

Kyle Walker was caught just before the break. ‘Arry doesn’t seem to trust his players when it comes to injuries so while he was hobbling around a complete passenger the bench seemed happy to let it be for the final minute to half-time. Christ alone knows what was said during the break but here he came hobbling out after it. Just go out there and fuckin’ run around a bit, you’ll run it off. Luckily Fulham chose to attack Spurs’ left rather than target the weak link.

An hour in and ‘Arry decides that one of the players that was making Spurs actually tick should come off. So van der Vaart was replaced by Defoe. Now is it better to lucky or good. Because yet again ‘Arry struck lucky three minutes later as Lennon had a blast that fortunately rebounded of a defender for Defoe to stick his foot out at and have ’em all screaming about the most natural finisher in the country.

From then on it was a cruise with the score coming through from the Hawthorns it just died out into the anticlimax we should have all been expecting. At least Martin Jol didn’t dick us over. Still like BMJ.

If there was one thing that came from the game it was what would we give for a team of 11 Sandros. Again he was a beast in the middle of the park. Unfortunately there were many who just weren’t on his wavelength. He was constantly pointing to where the ball should go, where a player should go, he was constantly right but so often he was constantly ignored. He was reading the game better than anyone else out there. Alongside him Livermore was again showing that Parker isn’t required and is a hindrance rather than an asset.

So now the hope. Hope that Bayern do the business. Then that with the qualification hope that Levy gets his finger out quickly and decisively. Does the deals that need to be done straight away, doesn’t repeat his usual routine of lowball last minute deals. While keeping those that need to be kept and offloading those that need shifted on.

Given all that then ‘Arry can’t have any excuses as he’s had these last two seasons. Though of course he’ll find some…

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