Spurs are finally rid of Jenas

it’s taken long enough.

Seven and a half years, 202 games, four managers – with one caretaker – plus a number of better midfielders he either blocked from playing or hindered while being an automatic first team selection.

I’m pretty sure after putting up with all that I’m allowed a smug “told you”.

Posted after that fateful August day in 2005 that it was a waste of money, posted numerous times after that that it was a waste of money. Actual fact, just looked back in the archives and leading up to that deadline day transfer I posted about not wanting him at the club. And I was right all along. Couple of goals against the scum don’t justify the rest of the crap that player put us through.

Scared of his own shadow, is a phrase I’ve seen said about Jenas. Well he certainly wasn’t scared of the shadows of others. He spent a lot of time amongst them. Especially those of players in other teams.

Daniel Levy’s folly didn’t pay off.

Old Danny liked the idea of buying young British talent then selling them off for a big profit while still staying competitive and gaining that Champions League place.

Well it’s no coincidence that while Spurs were knocking on the door during Jenas’ presence at the club it wasn’t until the first season he wasn’t an automatic first team player that the latter goal of 4th spot was achieved. And Jenas was never even talked about by other clubs will to splash big cash – but… but Jose Mourinho picked him in his fantasy team.

While the lure of trophies and more than likely more cash on the hip would have played a factor in Michael Carrick’s departure to Man Utd. – and Levy wanting to cash in – I’m pretty sure the thought of having to play alongside Jenas played the biggest part in Carrick’s move to Old Trafford.

Murphy never given a chance, though he ran Charlton before and Fulham after his stint at Spurs in a manner Jenas just didn’t have the bottle to do. Pedro Mendes, shunted out wide to accommodate Daniel’s favourite. Zokora looked a beast at the World Cup, before his arrival, few games next to the Jenasite and he looked hopeless. Palacios the same. Modric wouldn’t pass to him, preferring to attempt something outrageous than just giving the ball away with a simple pass to Jenas.

Top class players know where everyone is on the field and what they are going to do when they receive the ball. Jenas knows neither. So his second touch is played in panic after he’s had to look up before the first touch and then try and think, all a bit complicated, leading to the ball not exactly being under control.

Modric knew this much like the Croat knew it and was reluctant to pass to Parker. Thankfully Sandro wasn’t contaminated by prolonged match exposure.

QPR, it’s about his level. The only problem with the move is it seemed to be only done on the basis that Andros Townsend would move there on loan. Well if they wanted Townsend, they had to take Jenas or Bentley. Now with Falque out on loan to Spanish second division side Almería – not a good sign for his future at Spurs – and now Townsend off that doesn’t leave any cover for Bale or Lennon. Now both of them have picked up injuries over the last few seasons.

Is it a price to high to pay?

Shame the club couldn’t offload Bentley as well. Another of Levy’s follies. Went up to Blackburn and bought the wrong winger. While the team desperately needed a left winger to balance the side. So Morten Gamst Pedersen would have been ideal. But no a huge wad was spunked on another right footer. And while we had a nippy speed merchant on that wing in the form of Lennon Levy wanted the next David Beckham. Yup, an overrated, slow, one trick, show donkey. Again a player who lived off a goal against the scum and dumping a bucket of water over ‘Arry in his pants – Bentley that was not ‘Arry in his pants..

Oh and there was no striker signed in the window. What are the chances of that happening?

Funny, seen a lot of people saying they’re happy that no striker was signed if it meant splashing too much money and risking the financial stability of the club. Funny that while Liverpool and Chelsea required more fire-power up front the both signed players who wouldn’t have exactly put Spurs in the poorhouse. Is that the problem? Not just seemingly leaving things to the last minute but consistently going for unrealistic targets that are financially out of reach when there are probably as good cheaper options out there that aren’t “names”.

They can do it with the likes of Holtby, why not a striker?

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