“I don’t really know what I am doing here”

can there be a better epitaph for Roy Hdosgon than his own words.

The coward that is ex England manager Roy Hodgson finally turned up to be asked questions and was most put out by the fact, didn’t they know he’d run away to prevent such things?

How many people watching on Monday night thought “I don’t really know what you are doing there” when seeing Roy sat on the bench, head down, sniffing his finger? How many in the dressing room?

How many in the dressing room looked at Sterling and thought it? No doubt as Harry Kane was taking the corners early on it went through his mind. Jack Wilshere undoubtedly thought “breath in, breath out”.

Roy really didn’t have a clue what was going on Nothing in the first three games here gave me any indication that we would play as poorly as we did. Nothing? Nothing in not being able to score against Slovakia. Nothing in not being able to score more against Russia, while not being able to keep a clean sheet gave him the slightest inclination that England would be unable to score against Iceland while also being unable to keep a clean sheet.


Unfortunately, they are one-off events Says a man who oversaw England’s debacle in Brazil. One off events that happen every tournament.

It all came as a shock to Roy, a real shock not a “I’m shocked, shocked I tell you” shock and that’s why you were there Roy. If this hadn’t shocked you then maybe you wouldn’t be sitting there at that time, it might have been a few days earlier after defeat to Northern Ireland.

You were there Roy to put a bit more meat on the bones of that mealy mouthed “resignation” statement. You’re there because some think the fans deserved more than you scuttling off in a cowardly manner as soon as the final whistle went.

You were there Roy because you were paid knocking on £14 million over the four years to end up losing to Iceland. What ever hardship this was you were well compensated, hell as you keep telling us you have resigned the FA should have taken your return ticket away from you.

But we have to think about poor old Roy because I am still recovering from that. I am still fragile. Oh, poor Roy is fragile. I’m no longer the England manager but someone has to take the slings and arrows, I guess. Someone says Roy, obviously he thinks someone other than the person who was in charge at the time. Yes poor Roy, getting asked questions, how awful for him.

So who have the F.A. lined up to replace Clueless Roy? Well straight in came the name Gareth Southgate, just what England need to inspire them a bloke who is epitome of “glorious failure”. But he’s prime F.A. as Brian Clough said about Ron Greenwood when they chose the latter, nice bloke, couldn’t start an argument with his wife.

Some media clowns want typical a English manager you know the type, all bluff and bluster that complain about never getting a top job because well have you seen the state of the football their team plays. Yes I am talking about Allardyce and Bruce.

Harry Redknapp thinks Harry Redknapp should have the job. If not Harry then Tim Sherwood, with Harry overseeing things. Christ you thought it couldn’t get any worse.

A Sherwood fan thinks it should be Wenger because England would have won after his half time talk. They wouldn’t just fanny about with the ball like ARSEnal do so often and England did.

Eddie Howe, too early but for him, he doesn’t want his career in tatters at his age.

Hoddle, what has he done in a past life to deserve what would come with his return. He is the one manager out of the recent bunch that players talk about with some respect. Has the tactical nous if not the personalty nous.

How about Guus Hiddink or Jurgen Klinsmann…

And anyway the season starts in a few weeks so who cares, not the players, no matter what they say…

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