Nobody did it better

Live and Let Die (1973) Official Trailer - Roger Moore James Bond Movie HD

makes you feel sad for the rest.

Another of those that died while this place was away, was the bestest James Bond ever… Roger Moore.

I also forgot to post about it after the place returned, which is a disgrace, in fact it was a fleeting glimpse of Moore in one of his first uncredited outings on film that reminded me.

The 1949 thriller “The Interrupted Journey”, with Richard Todd and Valerie Hobson. Moore was in the background when Todd and the woman he was running away with sat down in the cafe at Paddington station, to be served by Dora Bryan – about 4 mins into the vid. You can make him out, between Todd and Christine Norden, by the hair, it didn’t change much over the years, he would probably say his acting didn’t either.

That’s the thing about Roger, he wasn’t one of those up himself thespians.

In a bundle of things, before really hitting it big in telly, Ivanhoe and then The Saint, with a couple of US series in between – Maverick and The Alaskans and then The Persuaders.

But it’s as the third – in the real films – James Bond we all remember Roger Moore for. Could anyone be better named to play Ian Fleming’s spy?

And was anyone better… don’t give me that Connery look, yeah I know he wasn’t the Bond of the books but Bond don’t wear a syrup.

Anyway his first three Bond films were three of the best, Live And Let Die, The Man With The Golden Gun and The Spy Who Loved Me.

Along with all that there was also The Wild Geese, The Cannonball Run, The Sea Wolves, The Man Who Haunted Himself and North Sea Hijack. Yeah non of them were great cinematic masterpieces they were just good fun flicks, much like the Bond movies.

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