I, for one welcome our new Nuno

Nuno Espirito Santo - Tottenham Hotspur head coach
Nuno Espirito Santo - Tottenham Hotspur head coach


Spurs finally after 73 days have a manager, after weeks of chasing everyone available and not available they finally land Nuno Espirito Santo, who has been available for 43 of those days.

Daniel Levy went all round the houses, twice, so I’m pretty sure Nuno knows he wasn’t first choice, he doesn’t seem to a the first choice of a number of fans either who don’t seem to want him at all.

Of all the managers Levy went cap in hand to he was my second choice…

Gasperini was my first choice, I like the way his team plays but I knew he wouldn’t want to leave Champions League playing Atalanta for the Levy shit show.

But I liked the way NES conducted himself. That was one thing that put me off one of those Levy really went after, Conte. The Italian strikes me as very similar to Mourinho. Falls out with players, falls out with hierarchy, wins things but there’s always a fallout from it and well, under Levy, Jose didn’t win anything, so why would Conte? So with no trophies you’re left with just the rest of the baggage.

Not sure how Levy’s pursuit of Conte has gone for the club as it seemed to land them Paratici as the new DoF. Yes they need that buffer between manager and Levy but is he the right man. I mean, signing Ronaldo or Pirlo are no brainers but Levy ain’t gonna sanction deals like that. The so called great business free transfers… Sami Khedira, Aaron Ramsey, Emre Can… don’t exactly fill you with excitement.

Ralf Rangnick and Luis Campos, both available, would they have made a better choice? Would they have come up with better suggestions for the actual managers job than Fonseca and Gattuso?

Rather glad the fans got their way with nixing Gattuso. Wasn’t inspired by Fonseca but would have rather had him than the Italian runt, or indeed the Fat Spanish Waiter who has washed up at Everton.

Poch, well, they say never come back. I don’t know how that would have worked. It’s almost the same squad he left behind and nothing much else has changed at the club. The stuff that made him leave in the first place.

The moment the Low announced he was leaving the German job you knew Nagelsmann was a non-starter. And Ten Hag was quick to distance himself from Levy’s thoughts. Even though he apparently was still someone Levy was looking at, on the second go round, even though he’d signed a new deal at Ajax.

So after Nuno hadn’t got the palace job – there’s another bullet dodged, with the screaming Viera getting that – and the Everton job, Levy seemed to think anything is better than nothing.

As said some fans see his football as negative, defensive counter attacking stuff. Well, it was probably based on what he had available. He’s got new toys at Spurs. Levy was concerned about this perception but apparently Paratici assured him otherwise.

I look at what he did at Wolves, getting them into the top flight and keeping them there, be interesting to see how they go without him. Yes this last season wasn’t as good as the first two but he had one striker and lost him, tried to change things up with a new formation. Don’t know how much say he had in the selling of Doherty and Jota, one of whom was a success at their new club.

I like the fact he has a smile on his face.

We’ll just have to wait and see what he does with what he has at his disposal, and how long of that two year deal he can put up with Levy doing what Levy does, Dof or no DoF.

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